Followers of Capriles in London ask for British military invasion to Venezuela

A group of followers of Henrique Capriles gathered in front of the Venezuelan Embassy in London yesterday, Saturday 20 April, and among other things they asked the British Government to invade Venezuela in order to change back the will of the majority of Venezuelans, as expressed in the elections conducted on 14 April which saw Nicolas Maduro winning with 50.8 per cent of the vote.

One of the placards read like this: “Remember Falklands, Iraq, Libya… We Deserve Attention From Britain Because VENEZUELA has OIL too!!! And More.”

Regarding this incident, Venezuelan Ambassador Samuel Moncada said: “I can’t understand why a group of Venezuelans would ask a global power to invade their own country, especially given that the United Kingdom has recognized the sovereign will of the people of Venezuela, and it has also expressed its determination to work with the government of President Nicolas Maduro.”

Ambassador Moncada added: “it is unbelievable that such a small group of fanatics would be willing to throw away the cordial relations between the United Kingdom and Venezuela in exchange for an aggressive policy against their own homeland.”

These events took place in the context of a protest staged by Capriles’ followers in London who reject the electoral results of the elections held on 14 April.

Press Unit of the Embassy of Venezuela in London
Sunday 21 April 2013